Solar Axiom offers fully integrated commercial solar energy solutions for projects of all sizes to reduce fixed energy costs with no upfront investment by the customer. 

Making the choice to have your solar energy solution handled by Solar Axiom for the entire project lifecycle affords you the benefits of a cohesive project built from a single framework that’s managed and delivered so you can remain focused on your core operations. 

Our own investment criteria, experience in asset-based finance, risk management, renewable energy, electrical system design and construction allows us to deliver commercial solar power systems that offer savings and reliability. Having our own highly skilled in-house finance and engineering team gives us the ability to quickly and nimbly react to project opportunities and to deploy them in a timely manner.  

SAX Combines extensive financial, technical and operational expertise to provide solutions that are customized to our customers energy needs. 

Our dedicated investors are committed to the long-term success of our company’s projects and their impact for sustaining our mission, to implement solar energy in areas where it is not happening without us.  

Our unique approach allows our customers to have a risk free solution to rethink and manage their energy costs, by harnessing the power of solar energy. Our turnkey solutions provide the benefits of solar energy without the capital expenditure.

Curious about how Solar Axiom operates?

Each client’s unique energy reality and goals require a customized plan to streamline a solar power system that meets their needs.

We start with a no cost preliminary energy assessment of your property’s solar potential.  Our team helps the customer understand their current energy usage and costs so they can make an informed decision on their energy options.

Once we have a full picture of the customer’s energy consumption, we perform a site and structural feasibility assessment. Our team can then present design and engineering solutions.  

Upon completion of the energy and site assessment, together with financial solutions, we present the customer with an initial proposal. Our proposed solutions project an overall energy savings and guarantee that the solar solution will never cost more than the current utility rate. 

When the installation is complete, SAX will continue to be a project partner throughout the term of the agreement.  At the end of the contract period, the customer owns the solar facility. 

  Solar Axiom assumes all of the financial, technical and performance risk for the duration of the lease.  This ensures that the customer receives the expected performance from their solar system. We also monitor and maintain the facility.  


Our years of expertise in energy development and project finance have enabled us to provide solutions to forward thinking commercial customers who seek options to implement solar energy.


In areas where the utility is a monopoly, we can offer a solar lease program that provides a savings and requires no capital investment from the customer.  SAX maximizes the available tax incentives and rebates and applies them to the project cost internally. We make the investments to provide the balance of the system costs to complete the project.  The savings are then reflected in monthly lease payments.  

Our contracts offer early purchase options for the customer to acquire the facility and own the project outright prior to the end of the lease period. 


Our lease program also extends to nonprofit entities who by their own lack of tax burden. These entities cannot access the tax credits themselves. Because SAX owns the system during the term of the lease, it monetizes tax credits internally and those savings are extended to the customer in the lease payments


In markets where there are no strict energy sales monopolies, SAX offers Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). In these agreements, SAX makes the whole investment in the solar energy facility and the customer purchases the energy that they consume at the meter. The SAX energy sale is priced under the customer’s utility tariff or less then their cost of self-generation of power.


We provide a turnkey solution that includes the analysis, engineering, design, installation and navigating regulatory requirements, tax incentives and rebates. Sax is retained by customers who wish to invest their own capital and monetize their own tax burden. They can make one decision without the extra hassle of the learning and navigating the entire process themselves.


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